MUSE wants to give everybody
the chance to see the museum
and take part in the activities it organises.
The MUSE wants to be accessible for everyone.

Visitors to the MUSE
can move around the museum without any problems.

Visitors can use:

  • the disabled car parks along the road
  • the indoor car park under the museum
  • the car parks for families with small children
    and for pregnant women
  • the lifts that stop on all floors
  • the lifts to be used in the event of fire or danger
  • the wheelchairs for the elderly
    or for people who find walking hard
  • the toilets for people with mobility problems
  • the toilets with
    soft baby
    changing tables

Information for blind people

Blind people can visit and touch 
the museum exhibits with the guide of a pilot,
an expert who explains what there is in the museum.

Blind people can bring their guide dogs 
into the MUSE, so that
they can visit the museum on their own.